Selena Marie – writer and owner of a blog

Recognising your creative talent is not always easy but putting it to work is even harder. There is a certain level of courage and confidence that a person must have in order to openly express their creative talents. She used to be one of those people who initially hid their creativity but she soon grew to publish and promote her work. This is the story of Selena Marie, a writer who owns a blog discussing her personal life experiences.

Selena Marie

Selena started her creative journey in January 2021 so she is fairly new to the creative scene. Prior to starting out, she would write journals and share them with a friend but this year she reckoned that she would share them with a wider audience in an effort to encourage others. Hence she decided to start writing blogs online. Her blog posts consist of her own personal experiences and they tend to end on a positive note to foster an inspirational tone.

“If I can do it so can you” – a quote that Selena uses to describe the nature of her blog posts.

After graduating from a degree in sports science, Selena is now in the beginning phase of her role as a personal trainer which she describes as a current side hustle. She deems her degree to have been somewhat creative given that she now creates her own training plans for her clients. Selena also gets very creative with regards to training equipment. What about future plans? Selena plans to return to university to study further in her field.

The biggest challenge that she faces is coming to terms with what to write next. Whilst she has a plethora of stories to tell, she also feels quite restricted as she is cautious of putting too much out there. As of right now there is a situation that Selena is currently going through which she remains optimistic about:

“I am just waiting for that happy ending so that I can share my story and make sure for a fact that it finishes off on a positive note”

With regards to the UK creative scene, Selena believes that creatives often deserve more recognition than what they are given. She reckons that social media has aided creatives in raising awareness on their content.

“My biggest achievement already has been inspiring more people to get closer to God and figure out their purpose in life.”

Lastly, what advice would Selena give to aspiring creatives? She advises upcoming creatives to “get yourself out there by displaying your talents as they were given to you for a reason.” Whilst she loves to write she never actually published anything until this year. Even her family members could not recognise her writing ability given that she had tried effortlessly to hide it. Her last words are as follows – “Put yourself out there, you don’t know what opportunities or what doors will be opened for you if you don’t take it.”

Interested in following Selena Marie’s journey as a creative?
Instagram: @itsyourgirllena.x

Written by: Claudia (founder of Space2Uplift)

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