Megan Chibba – WWE blogger

In the midst of lockdown she sat frustrated with nothing to occupy herself with. It only took a tweet requesting for a wrestling-related job for her to spark an opportunity to start writing weekly wrestling blog posts. This is the story of Megan Chibba, a wrestling blogger.  

Lockdown has certainly been a strange experience for us all, often resulting in self-reflection and change. It is a time where ideas roam around most of our minds. Megan was in this position during lockdown, only that wrestling was the principle part of Megan’s life. This was when she decided to put out a tweet asking if anyone could offer her a job talking about wrestling. Little did Megan know that her tweet would serve as the starting point of her creative journey. Somebody who happened to view her tweet was captivated in what Megan had to offer and decided to give her a platform to share her opinions on a weekly basis. 

What exactly does Megan do? How exactly does her work pertain to the creative industry? Every Sunday Megan posts an article outlining her top five best and worst moments of the week in WWE Raw, Smackdown, NXT and NXT U.K. On some occasions she includes other side shows and paperviews. 

Megan has always been a wrestling fan, whilst wrestling has not always been a constant obsession, it is always at the back of her mind. In her words “I have dipped in and out throughout the years but it’s always been something that I would come back to.” Her passion and love for wrestling as a child is very much alive till this day. Roughly two years ago Megan came to the realisation that wrestling was the source of her happiness and hence made the decision to make a career within the industry. Last year she began training martial arts and was set to start wrestling training but this was pulled to a halt due to the pandemic. This was a primary reason for her shift to instead discussing wrestling given that she could not train. Megan regards this as “a new way to release all of my emotions and express my opinions.” 

Creativeness usually stems from some form of inspiration. For Megan, that inspiration was the people that she follows on social media. She was amazed by how people had set up their own wrestling YouTube review channels. Prior to starting her weekly articles, Megan found writing longer pieces of text quite difficult. But her passion and drive for wrestling restored her desire to write, making it a lot easier. Concerning her biggest achievements within the creative industry, Megan believes that she is yet to reach her full potential as she is constantly thinking of new means of pushing herself and growing her audience. But she enjoys when she receives messages from people telling her that they have been able to better understand the storylines through reading her articles or that they simply loved reading her thoughts. Being able to help one person and get positive feedback from peers and wrestling fans drives her motivation to work harder. 

At Space2Uplift we are passionate about the creative scene in the UK. However most of the writers that Megan works with are based in the US which makes it tougher for her to participate in collaborations. According to Megan there are not many big UK writers relating to the wrestling sector, which is expected as most of the wrestling events being covered are based in America. “Having NXT U.K. as a newer show for WWE could help create a bigger gap for more people in the UK to talk about wrestling and show their passion.” Megan is eager to see more opportunities for writers in the UK. 

Many aspiring or current creatives tend to be curious as to what advice a creative has for their fellow peers. Whilst Megan does not believe that she is in the best position to give advice to people at this stage of her journey, her best advice is “to be honest and stay true to yourself.” Also to express your opinions regardless of what others may think as long as you have a purpose and passion behind it. The final words of Megan are as follows – “Show your passion and don’t shy away from it. Always keep thinking and never settle, keep trying to grow and improve every day even if it’s only something small.” 

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Written by: Claudia, founder of Space2Uplift

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